Leviathan Raid

Basic Information

Guide Format

For each encounter, I will start by explaining the mechanics, and then I will present a strategy.


In the raid, each player can only revive a teammate one time. The same person can be revived multiple times, but each guardian can only do one revival. You can tell if you still have the ability to revive someone by looking at the bottom right corner of your screen. It will have a golden icon if you still have your revive. These revivals can always be reset when there is a wipe (entire team dies).


In the raid you will need to be familiar with the following four symbols. I will be referring to them as: cup, sun, axes, and dog. These symbols appear throughout the raid and will be used in call-outs at various points.


Encounter 0: Castellum (Main Room)

When you load into the raid, you don’t need to attack the cabal that you see at the beginning. Just work your way all the way up to the top of the pyramid and enter the door below the large golden cabal face statue. Follow the corridors until you reach a large open room. This is the main room of the raid. Each of the four portions of the raid must be accessed from this room by opening one of the four doors in this room. Each time you complete a portion of the raid, you return to this room and must work to open the next door.


There are four doors in this room. Each one is marked by one of the four symbols (cup, sun, axes, dog). The symbols can be seen on large banners hanging next to the doors and also on a large plate on the ground in front of each door. You’ll know which door you need to open because it will have a lot of enemies by it and the plate in front of that door will have a holographic projection on it.

Let’s say you are trying to open the SUN door. To open it, you will need to acquire staff relics from the other three doors and bring them to the SUN door. Go to the SUN door and look at the plate on the ground. There should be a holographic projection of one of the other three symbols. Let’s say that the projection is the AXES symbol. This symbol is the one you need to acquire first. Some of the guardians need to go to the AXES door and defeat the yellow-bar Standard Bearer that eventually will spawn there. After he is defeated, the AXES relic will spawn on the AXES plate. Someone needs to bring it back to the SUN door and dunk it there. Then, the SUN plate will show a different icon. You’ll need to repeat the process of going to that new door and bringing back the staff relic for that door. Once all three are brought to the SUN door, the door will open.

You will also need to be defending the door you are trying to open because once some of the relics are in place there, they can be reset if a yellow-bar Standard Liberator manages to step on the plate. These Standard Liberators will sometimes gain an invincibility bubble around them. When this happens, you need to look for and kill a Psion that also has this bubble around him. It will be called a Councillor. The Councillor can only be killed by a melee attack. When the Councillor dies, the bubbles will disappear, allowing you to attack the Standard Liberators again.


I recommend breaking into two teams: four defenders and two attackers. The defenders will always stay by the door you are trying to open and just kill ads. Make sure not to let any of the Standard Liberators get to the plate by the door you are defending. When the bubble Psions (Councillors) appear, quickly punch them to remove bubble shields. The four defenders should rotate using their supers to clear ads and generate orbs for the other defenders. You can probably have someone always using their super if you rotate.

The attacker team should look at which icon is projected over the plate by the door you are opening and go to retrieve that relic. They will simply kill ads by the door they are attacking and wait for the Standard Bearer to spawn. Kill him, take the relic from the plate and bring it back to the door that is being defended/opened. Repeat this process 3 times.


Encounter 1: Royal Pools (Bathing Ritual)


This room has five plates with symbols (the normal 4 plus a new one on the R2 plate). The symbols aren’t important in this room. I’ve just included them on the map below for reference. I will be referring to the plates as R1, R2, L1, L2, and Mid for this encounter.


Next to each of the four outside plates (L1, L2, R1, R2) is a set of chains that will crank in one direction when someone is standing on the plate and in the other direction when no one is on the plate. When standing on the plate, the larger chain will be going downward. You’re trying to get all four outside plates to have their chain go all the way down until it stops moving.

The plates will also have small black orbs floating above them. When you walk through them, these orbs grant a buff called Psionic Protection which lasts for 50 seconds. This buff prevents you from taking damage while walking in the water around the map. Since the plates you stand on are in the water, you’ll need to keep this buff active while standing on the plates, otherwise you will die. All 5 plates are able to grant this buff the first time you stand on them, but afterwards, only the center room plate will spawn the orbs that grant the buff. So once the encounter begins, you’ll need to periodically head back to the center plate to re-acquire the buff when your current one is running out.

There will be some strong yellow-bar Ceremonial Bathers that periodically crawl out from the chain holes next to each plate. These guys can quickly kill you with melee attacks, so you need to prioritize killing them when they spawn. They spawn at R1 and L1 after about 25 seconds, and then they spawn at R2 and L2 after another 25 seconds. Then, this repeats by spawning at R1 and L1 again, and so on every 25 seconds.

Once the chains next to all four outside plates are all the way down, you’ll hear a ringing sound. At this point, all the players need to run to the middle plate room. At this point, you will want to destroy the three sets of purple lanterns that are attached to chains inside this center room. I’ve designated their locations with purple icons on the map above. You can only damage these lanterns if you are standing directly on the center plate. Meanwhile, lots of ads and strong Ceremonial Bathers will be coming into this center room. Some people need to be focusing on killing these ads or they will overwhelm the people damaging the purple lanterns. If you don’t finish killing all the lanterns on the first damage phase, you can repeat the process of standing on the outside plates and bringing those chains down again to repeat the process.


You should break into two teams of three (Right Team and Left Team). The Right Team will always be rotating between R1, R2, and Mid, and the Left Team will always be rotating between L1, L2, and Mid. To begin, every plate should have someone next to it, and two people should be next to the Mid plate. The starting positions for Right Team (green smile faces) and Left Team (red smile faces) are shown in the picture below.


Begin the activity by everyone standing on the plate they are next to. Once everyone has the Psionic Protection buff, the people who started at Mid need to run to R1 and L1 (the path labeled “1” in the image above). They should wait here and help kill ads. Once the Ceremonial Bathers spawn at R1 and L1, you’ll then have two people to kill each of them. You should throw grenades at these guys as they spawn and follow-up with heavy ammo to finish them off.

Once each Ceremonial Bather is eliminated, the person from Mid will stay standing on the R1/L1 plate and the person who started at R1/L1 will run on path “2” from the image above. They’ll pass through the middle plate just to grab the buff, then head to R2/L2 to help the person there kill his Ceremonial Bather. Once that bather is killed, the person who started at R2/L2 will follow path “3” through the middle to grab the buff and up to R1/L1. Meanwhile, the person who just arrived at R2/L2 will stay on that plate. This pattern should be repeated.

To summarize: Every time a Ceremonial Bather is killed near one of the plates, the person who has been at that plate the longest will run through the middle and then to the opposite plate on his side of the room. By following this pattern every plate should always have at least one person standing on it, and there should be time for everyone to grab a new buff from the middle before their respective 50 second timer runs out.

Once all four chains have been fully lowered and you hear the audio cue, everyone go to the center. Everyone should jump on the middle plate to grab the buff. Then four players should start damaging the lanterns while the other two players use their supers to kill the ads that are spawning around the room. As soon as the first two supers run out, those players should get to the plate and help damage lanterns, and two other players should use their supers. After those supers run out, the final two players can use their supers. As long as you always have two players with their supers active, the other four players should be able to only focus on the lanterns.

Additional Tips:

  • When everyone is running back to the middle to do damage to the lanterns, have a warlock drop a healing rift on the center plate. This will ensure no one dies from an ad that was missed.
  • When attacking lanterns, pick an order to attack them in so everyone is working on the same lanterns at the same time. For example, I usually start at the ones to the top-right of the center plate and work counter-clockwise from there.


Encounter 2: Pleasure Gardens (Royal Beasts)


First, clear the room of all ads to spawn the relics. Two players must grab the Prism Weapon relics on top of the golden room to start the encounter. Then, four Pollen relics will spawn inside the golden room. The other four players pick these up. There are six Royal Beasts that will patrol the room (roughly) along the red paths marked in the map below. You want to avoid being spotted by these beasts until you are ready to attack them. You will be spotted if you walk in their line of sight, jump over them, or make noise near them (try to crouch-walk when near them to reduce noise).

There are eight flowers/spores that can spawn around the room. These are indicated with the labeled purple icons in the map below (map credit to /u/addesso). These flowers will glow purple when they are available. The goal is to get the four pollen-holders to the glowing flowers, and then “charge their pollen” by having one of the prism-weapon-holders stand in one of the columns of light around the room and shoot their beam at the flower while the other four players are right next to it. The beams of light are marked with yellow circles on the map below.


The flowers will light up two at a time (one on each side of the map), and the prism-holders should help guide the pollen-holders to whichever flowers light up. You can use the call-outs on the map above to indicate which flowers are glowing (i.e. Rocks and mid-left). The four pollen-holders should always move together as a group to reduce the chance of getting spotted by a beast. Plus you want all four players to receive each flower’s energy. Each time the group of pollen-holders reaches one of the glowing flowers, a prism-holder should shoot their beam at the flower to charge it. Then the pollen-holders should see a buff on their screen called Empowering Spores x12. This can keep stacking in multiples of 12 each time you charge the next flower.

Each time a flower is charged, two cabal snipers will spawn at balconies around the room (marked as hunter spawn points on the map above). The prism-holders can kill these by shining their beams at them. Try to kill these as soon as they spawn, otherwise they’ll jump down and be very annoying for the pollen-holders.

After the initial two glowing flowers are both collected, another two flowers will light up. You should continue trying to charge up as many flowers as possible until you are either spotted by a beast or until the beasts start howling (after a certain time-lapse). You’ll know when they are about 30 seconds from howling when you see “the beasts grow restless” on your screen. Once you are spotted or they start howling, the beasts will each run to one of the flower locations. The flowers with red circles on the map above show these locations. The left-side beasts will run to near-left, trees, and far-left. The right-side beasts will run to near-right, mid-right, and far-right. At this point, you should attack the beasts. The two prism-holders should also jump down and attack along with the pollen-holders. The empowering spore buffs will transfer to the prism-holders as well. The amount of damage you do to the beasts is greatly increased depending on how many empowering spores buffs you have, which is why you want to gather as many as possible before being spotted.

After being spotted or after they start howling, you’ll have about 40 seconds to damage the beasts AND get back to the hatch on top of the golden room. If you aren’t back inside this hatch when it closes, you die. So after about 20-25 seconds of damaging the beasts, you need to start heading back to the room. After you get to the room and the hatch closes, the process will restart. You can repeat this process of collecting spores and doing damage up to four times. On the fourth time, the hatch will not be open, so if you don’t finish killing the beasts on the fourth try, you will die.

Also note: the timer until the beasts grow restless will decrease dramatically as you start to actually kill beasts. Thus, if you kill some of the beasts, your next flower-collecting phase will have much less time. Because of this, it is probably easier to only weaken the beasts on the first phases and kill them on the last one or two phases.


Since the flowers spawn two at a time, and always on opposite sides of the map, you should have one prism-holder assigned to each side of the map. When they first grab the prisms, they should head to their side and scout out which flower is lit up. Call this out to the whole team, and then move into a column of light that gives you a line-of-sight to that flower, so you’ll be able to charge it when the pollen-holders reach it.

On the map below, I’ve added some green paths. These are the paths that are easiest to take to reach the flowers. They reduce the number of dogs you have to sneak by. You should always be moving along one of these green paths when going between flowers.


The pollen-holders should designate a leader (whomever is most familiar with the map above). By picking a leader, the other three people can just focus on staying as close to him as possible. This avoids the group spreading out and getting caught more easily. When the leader hears the call-outs for which two flowers are up, he should pick which side he is going to attempt first, and call this out (i.e. going for mid-right). Then the prism-holder for that side of the map can assist him by letting him know when dogs have their backs turned, etc. After the group has reached the first flower and gotten its spores, the two prism-holders should immediately kill the snipers when they spawn. The pollen-holder leader then leads the group to the other glowing flower, with the help of the prism holder for the other side of the map. After the two initial flowers are charged, the prism-holders should again call out which are the next two flowers to light-up. Then the pollen-holders will again follow their leader to these flowers with the help of the prism-holders guiding them.

Once the dogs grow restless and start howling (or if you are spotted early) you will begin your first damage phase. Each of the six players should have a beast pre-assigned to them (near-right, mid-right, far-right, near-left, trees, far-left). It is usually best to assign the prism-holders to the beasts in the back of the room (far-left, far-right) since they’ll have more time to get into position before DPSing. As soon as the damage phase starts, run to your assigned beast and DPS them as much as possible within 20-25 seconds. Use grenades, supers, and heavy. Someone should keep a mental countdown going and tell everyone to run back to the base after this 20 seconds or so. Depending on your light levels and how many empowering spore buffs you were able to stack, you can potentially kill all the beasts on your first damage phase. This is easy to do if you have 60x empowering spores buff, and it is harder but possible with 48x. If you only have 24-36x, then no one should fully kill their beast on the first phase. If any beast is killed, you shorten your timer for the next pollen phase, which will screw you over. If you are spotted before even getting 24x buff then just wipe if it’s your first phase.

Once you are back inside the hatch, everyone should report how much health his beast has left. If all the beasts are below half-health then you should be able to finish them on the next phase, so go for the kill that time. If some beasts are above half-health then you’ll want to do another phase of weakening without killing them. Remember you have a total of 4 tries, and on the last try you can use the full 40 seconds because you won’t have any hatch to run back to anyway. Once you finish killing your beast on the last phase, help out with another beast if needed.

Tips for maximizing DPS on the beasts:

  • Change your grenade to a time-duration grenade (pulse grenade, solar grenade, void grenade). Since the beasts don’t move, these are highly effective.
  • Change your super to one that does damage quickly. The best ones for each class are probably (Warlock: nova bomb, Titan: Fist of Havoc, Hunter: Golden Gun with Celestial Nighthawk or the perk that lets you shoot 6 times quickly).
  • Merciless (exotic fusion rifle) can be very effective here since the charge time decreases with each shot until your target is killed.
  • Coldheart could also be useful if you don’t have Merciless. I would still suggest using all your heavy ammo first though.


Encounter 3: The Gauntlet (Relic Running, Arrow Shooting)


During this encounter, two relic runners will need to run relics clockwise around the outer circle of the map, jumping through four walls with holes and then finally bring the relic to the center of the room and dunk it. The room has four plates with the same four symbols we’ve been seeing throughout the raid. The encounter starts by having someone step onto each plate. You will need to kill ads until yellow-bar Imperial Centurions come out by each plate. Once all four of these Centurions are killed, the two relics will spawn in the locations marked in purple on the map below. Two players must grab the relics at approximately the same time. This will teleport them to the outer ring of the map (the spots marked with green plus signs below).


Meanwhile, the players outside need to each stay by one of the plates and take a look at the sets of three arrows that are on the wall in front of each plate. As the relic runners come to the four walls inside of the outer ring, they will see a set of 9 holes in the wall (as shown in the top-right portion of the image above. One of the 9 holes will be lit up red and the rest will be blue. The relic runner needs to call out which symbol he is at (he can see this just above the set of 9 holes) and which arrows need to be shot by the players outside. The players need to shoot the arrows corresponding to the circles that are NOT red. For example, if one of the top circles is red, then the players outside need to shoot the bottom and the middle arrows. Both arrows need to be shot simultaneously in order to work. Further, you need to have someone standing on the plate next to that set of arrows in order activate them. If no one is on that plate, then shooting the arrows doesn’t do anything.

After the correct arrows are shot, the relic runner will be able to jump through the circle that was previously lit-up red. If the correct arrows were shot, this circle will now have a black orb floating in it that will keep the relic runner alive when he passes through it.

Note: you can actually afford to mess up one of the sets of arrows if the relic runner makes it to the next set quickly enough to not die. The black orbs reset a countdown timer for the relic runner, but this timer is long enough to give some margin even if you mess up one set of arrows. 

Each time a relic runner passes through a wall, a bubble-shielded Psion will spawn between the plate and the arrows for that wall. Whomever is on that plate should jump off and melee the Psion and then get back on his plate. If you don’t kill these Psions quickly, everyone dies.

After the relic runners each pass through all four walls, they will be back where they started and will teleport back inside the main portion of the room. They will then both bring their relics to the center of the room and dunk them at the same approximate time.

This process will repeat three times (kill yellow-bar centurions, grab relics, run through 4 walls, dunk relic). The only difference is that the second and third time, there will be some holes in the floor for the relic runners to avoid. After the third time running the relics, 6 relics will spawn in the middle of the map (in the dunking room). All 6 players should each pick up a relic, which will spawn them all into the outer circle.

At this point, all the players will be running the relics through the holes in the wall. Each time you reach a wall, you’ll see only 4 of the circles have black orbs in them. There is a death-timer on each person that is reset each time you grab one of these orbs. Since there are only 4 orbs and 6 players, it will be hard not to have anyone die unless you alternate who is grabbing the orbs. However, only some of the players need to make it all the way through. Once each player has made it around the track, they’ll get teleported back into the main room, and they need to dunk their relic in the center of the room. A total of 9 relics need to be dunked. You should have already gotten 6 from the first three phases, so only 3 players need to make it during this final phase. If two or three players die from not grabbing orbs that’s okay.


You should assign one person to each plate and assign two relic runners. The relics always spawn next to the dog and cup plates, so assign one relic runner to each of those. The players on each plate are responsible for killing the ads, yellow-bar centurions, and, eventually, bubble-Psions that spawn near their plate. The relic-runners can also help with killing ads until they grab the relics.

Once the relics are grabbed, each player should stay on their plate and be ready to shoot arrows. Since the two arrows need to be shot at the same time, you’ll always need two guardians shooting at each set of arrows. To account for this, each player needs to help with his own symbol and one other symbol. In the map below, I’ve drawn red arrows to assign which symbols each plate needs to focus on. Dog and Sun will help with each other’s symbols, and Cup and Axes will help each other. To make it easy to remember, we’ll also assign that Dog and Cup always shoot the higher of the two arrows that need to be shot, and Sun and Axes will always shoot the lower of the two.


As an example, if the relic runner calls out “Dog: Top and Middle,” then the person on the dog plate should attack the top arrow of the dog plate, and the person on the sun plate should attack the middle arrow of the dog plate. If the runner then calls out “Sun: Middle and Bottom,” then the person on the dog plate shoots the middle arrow of the sun plate, and the person on the sun plate should shoot the bottom arrow of the sun plate.

After shooting the arrows for your own plate, remember to get off your plate to melee the Psion that spawns in front of you. It will spawn once the relic runner runs through the holes in your wall. If you are quick, you should have time to get back onto your plate by the time you need to help with the next set of arrows.

On the final round where all 6 players need to run the relics, you should split into two groups: A and B. All of you will run together, but group A will intentionally skip grabbing an orb on the first and third walls. Group B will intentionally skip grabbing an orb on the second wall. As long as you are running fast enough, there is enough time to skip a wall and still survive. On the fourth, and final wall, the first four people to reach it should grab an orb even if they already got one on the third wall. This is because you don’t want to risk running out of time while running to the center of the room to dunk. Even if the 5th and 6th person die because they didn’t get an orb in the last wall, this is okay. You only need 3 people to make it to the dunking room.

I recommend having the two relic runners from before in group A since they are familiar with the track already and should have no problem skipping the first wall and still surviving until the second wall. When arriving at each wall, be sure to have each of the three players who are grabbing an orb call out which one they are grabbing so you don’t end up colliding.

If some players don’t end up making it out alive, this is okay as long as the first three or four players dunk the relics before the respawn timer runs out. Anyone who dies will have their respawn point near the middle of the room. Whichever player makes it through the track first should go for respawns before dunking their orb if the respawn timer is about to expire. Otherwise, dunk first and then go for respawns to reset the 30 second respawn timer.


Encounter 4: Throne (Kill Emperor Calus)


You begin the encounter by shooting the cup out of Calus’ hand. Ads will spawn that need to be killed. Once all these ads are killed, bubble Psions will spawn on the four plates around the room (marked on the map below). You don’t have to kill these Psions when they first spawn. Killing them will spawn additional ads. Soon after the Psions spawn, Calus will clap his hands which will teleport all 6 people into a shadow realm. In this realm, there will be three orbs that teleport you back to the main room. Three players should quickly run to these three orbs (one each) to go back to the main room.


In the shadow realm, the three players who stayed will see a giant Calus face that starts sucking the air toward him. Meanwhile, a small barrier will appear on the ground that prevents you from being sucked into the giant face. Do not jump over this barrier or you will get sucked forward and die. The three players in the shadow realm will see a symbol on top of Calus’ face. Each player will see a different symbol, so all three players need to call out which symbol they see. Meanwhile, the players who teleported back to the main room need to melee-kill the bubble Psion for whichever symbol was not called out. For example, if the players in the shadow realm call out “dog, cup, sun” then kill the Psion on the “axes” plate.

When the correct Psion is killed, a new small barrier will be generated in the shadow realm which will again prevent the players in the realm from getting sucked in and dying. Each time a new barrier is formed, the symbols on Calus’ head will appear again. The process of calling out symbols and killing whichever Psion was not called out needs to be repeated 4 times total.

Inside the shadow realm, the players will need to be focusing on four things, in the following order of priority:

  1. Call out the symbols they see on Calus’ head.
  2. Kill any regular Psions that spawn before they attack you and knock you over your barrier.
  3. Kill the floating Psions that spawn. If you fail to kill one of these, it’s a wipe.
  4. Position yourself so that when you advance to the next barrier, you don’t hit a ramp or a hole in the ground. The ramps will knock you up and you’ll go over the next barrier and die. Holes will also obviously kill you.

In the main room, the players need to focus on just two things:

  1. Killing the bubble Psions according to whichever symbol is not called out.
  2. Killing ads in between so that you don’t get overwhelmed by them.

After four phases of killing the correct bubble Psions in the main room, the players in the shadow realm will start seeing the giant Calus face spitting out skulls at them. These players need to kill as many skulls as possible. Each skull kill will stack a buff called “Force of Will” for all the players. The higher this stacks, the more damage you can do to Calus during the damage phase. While the shadow realm players are killing skulls, the players in the main room will need to shoot at Calus to drop his shield. While his shield is up, everyone will be taking damage over time, so you can’t take too long here. Once his shield is down, the shadow realm players will be able to teleport back to the main room. Then you begin the damage phase.

During the damage phase, you can only damage Calus if you are standing on one of the four platforms. All six players should start at the same platform and DPS Calus as much as possible. Eventually, he will do an explosion attack on the platform you are on, so you need to move before this happens. Everyone should move to the next platform together and attack Calus again. Repeat this until you’ve used all four platforms. After this, you’ll go back to all killing ads in the main room until Calus teleports you again, repeating the process.

During the damage phase, you’ll know when to move to the next platform when you see Calus is about to attack you. Depending on how much health he has left, the visual cue for the attack will be one of the following:

  • When he has above 66% health, he will raise his hand and it will start glowing.
  • When he is between 33-66% health, he will point a large gun at you.
  • When he is below 33% health, he will raise his hand and glow again.

Whenever you see these animations begin, call it out and everyone get off the plate ASAP. Also note that Calus’ critical hit point will be his face while he is above 66% health. When below 66% health, his chest becomes his critical hit point.

Finally, after Calus’ health gets to 0%, he will bring up a shield one last time. Everyone will need to quickly drain this shield to finish the encounter. If you take too long to destroy his shield, it’s a wipe.


You should break into two teams at the start: the shadow-realm team and the main-room team. The shadow-realm team will always stay behind in the shadow realm after being teleported. The main-room team will use the orbs to teleport back to the main room.

The shadow-realm team needs to assign three positions: right, center, and left. Each person in the realm should roughly follow their respective path in the map below (credit to /u/marsman12019 and /u/Theavor). The map shows ramps, holes and the pink lines indicate where the barriers will form. To avoid talking over each other, the shadow-realm team also needs to decide what order they will call out their symbols in. Typically, I have them call out from left to right to make it easy to remember your order.


The main-room team should have one person assigned to the right side of the room, one to the left side of the room, and one floater. The right and left side people will be focusing on killing ads on their own side. They will also be the one to punch the bubble Psion if it is on their side. The right-side person will be responsible for killing Sun or Dog, and the left-side person will be responsible for killing Cup or Axes. The floater will just be helping clear ads. He should especially focus on killing the yellow-bar flamethrower guys that will occasionally spawn.

When teleported to the shadow realm, the main-room team needs to jump into the three orbs to teleport back. To easily coordinate which orb each person should head towards, the left-side person should always head towards the left-most orb, the right-side person towards the right-most orb, and the floater to the center orb. This will avoid going for the same orbs and running into each other.

During the damage phase, make sure the entire team has agreed on which order you will use the plates in. On the map above, I drew some arrows indicating one possible plan: Sun –> Dog –> Axes –> Cup. You can change this up if you want, but everyone needs to be on the same page.

Some Additional Tips:

  • The players in the shadow realm should always prioritize killing the regular Psions before focusing on the floating ones. The regular ones will attack you and make you bounce over the barriers. Kill these guys as soon as they spawn. The people on the right and left sides should be shooting at the regular Psions on the opposite sides of the map since they like to hide behind cover.
  • To conserve ammo and to reduce the chance of someone dying, use your supers for clearing ads. Each time before Calus sends everyone to the shadow realm, the shadow-realm team should use their supers to clear the ads. Save the supers for the throne-room team for after the four sets of bubble-Psions are done but before you need to drop Calus’ shield.
  • The people in the main room shouldn’t drop Calus’ shield too quickly while the shadow-realm players are killing skulls. Once the shield drops, the skulls stop coming. Since you are taking damage in the main room while Calus’ shield is up, consider using a healing rift to stay alive longer to give them more time to kill skulls. You do eventually need to drop his shield before the screen turns completely white, or it will be a wipe. Usually you should drop the shield once the buff is getting around x90 if you haven’t already dropped it.
  • Inside the shadow-realm, drop a titan rally barricade during the skull-killing phase since this causes you to automatically reload your magazine every time you take cover. This will reduce time between killing skulls. Also use a Warlock rift with arc souls to have additional shots being fired at the skulls.
  • During skulls, have all three players group together. This will make all the skulls come towards those three players, making it easier to shoot them.
  • During the Calus-damaging phase, take advantage of empowering rifts to increase your damage output. If you have a storm-caller, have them turn on arc-souls as well. The six extra arc souls shooting at him will increase your DPS significantly.
  • All players should select whatever grenade can give maximum damage to a stationary target (pulse grenade, solar grenade, etc). Throw these at Calus during the damage phase.
  • For the Calus-damage phase, I recommend using the Coldheart for maximizing DPS. On each of the four plates you should have enough time to use a full mag of Coldheart ammo plus some heavy ammo (rockets work well, as do snipers and linear fusion rifles). You can try to reload your weapons while jumping between plates to minimize wasted time.



Thank you for reading this guide. I will be updating and improving it over time as new strategies are discovered.

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